We start by making the planning process fun and manageable. I’ll make sure that everything is on track and that you feel confident about what we’re planning (so you don’t have to stress and wonder about the things that you should/could be doing.)

Throughout the process, we’ll work together to bring the vision you have to life and find ways to incorporate meaningful details. Your event shouldn’t be based on the expectations of others, pressure to do things a certain way, outdated traditions, or all the things Pinterest is telling you to do. Because sustainability is a core value of The Hummingbird Event Co., we’ll offer guidance and suggestions along the way to help you create a more environmentally-conscious event or travel experience.

But we know that sadly, it’s not always that easy. Well, that's exactly why we're here!

You deserve the opportunity of truly being a part of your experience - being present, living in the moment, and making wonderful memories with your loved ones…

Your experience should be an expression of you and your story, reflecting what’s important to you and what brings you joy…

The process of crafting your experience should feel special and exciting - something you actually look forward to…

At The Hummingbird Event Co., we believe that no matter what you’re celebrating, a few things hold true:

our philosophy

You shouldn't have to worry about managing all the logistics, details, moving parts (and moving people) behind the scenes. We'll do all the cat herding for you! All you have to do is show up and enjoy the experience.

We’ll Become your Official Cat Herders

Marla Manes Photography

We’ll work together to identify the priorities, values, and rituals or traditions that are important to you and incorporate them into your event or travel experience.

We’ll Identify What’s Important to YOU 

By making thoughtful, conscious decisions, we'll create an experience

We’ll Plan with Intention 

Together we’ll prioritize making sustainable and ethical choices about where and how you’re sourcing products, goods, and services as well as practices to reduce waste and environmental impacts. 

We’ll Work to Create a Less Harmful Experience

Let’s face it, planning a special event or trip can bring moments of stress, even when you’re working with a professional. That’s why we’ll be there to answer questions, talk through whatever is worrying you, and deal with any curve balls. Hopefully we'll have some fun together along the way!

We’ll Support You Every Step of the Way

our approach

I’ve had a lifelong love of planning and hosting special gatherings, but it took YEARS to realize that this was something I could pursue as more than just a hobby.

In the nearly ten years I spent working for a nonprofit in DC where I had the chance to do pretty much everything under the sun, I learned that planning travel and organizing events was always the BEST part of my job to me. 

It eventually dawned on me that I could actually combine my lifelong love of planning joyful experiences and logistical know-how into a business that I was truly excited about.

After packing up my life on the East Coast with my now-husband in tow, I moved back to the Pacific Northwest where I officially launched The Hummingbird Event Co.

Sustainability has always been important to me, but after seeing how wasteful the wedding and events industry can truly be, I helped co-found a PNW sustainable wedding initiative called Emerald Hour. I love helping couples, hosts, and travelers create less harmful experiences!

Meet Hannah

Meet Mosley. The world’s least helpful and most distracting assistant.



No wagon = reusable IKEA bag + upper body strength



My BELOVED wagon. (Not an exaggeration.)



Instagram vs. Reality...


(My chair, by the way)

A few of my least favorite things

  • Cilantro
  • Improper recycling
  • Cold coffee (unless intentionally iced)

A Few of my Favorite Things

  • Bookstores 
  • Boxed mac & cheese (don’t judge)


  • Pizza eating contests 
  • Choosing excellent produce
  • Maintaining a rigorous dental hygiene routine


  • Staying awake through movies
  • Taming my curly hair
  • Resisting carbs

A Few Things to Know about Hannah

Ready to get started? 

“Hannah made wedding planning manageable - enjoyable, even. Our day was authentic to us and our vision, everything we could've hoped for, and it went off without a hitch.”

- Sarah G.

Marla Manes Photography

Marla Manes Photography

I wish to acknowledge the fact that as the owner of the Hummingbird Event Co., I inhabit land stolen from the Duwamish People, the First People of the present-day Seattle area. Although insufficient, I am committed to paying rent to the Duwamish Tribe and I encourage all occupants of the Seattle area to do the same through Real Rent Duwamish. The Duwamish Tribe has yet to receive rightful recognition from the U.S. government - take a few seconds to sign this petition to demand federal recognition.


Let's plan an experience you'll never forget.

Marla Manes Photography

I very much consider myself to be a “bird person” (no, not as in a half bird / half human creature, although that would be cool), but in the sense that I find them to be a source of happiness.

My last name means “bird” in Lithuanian, and I was born to two bird-loving, bird-watching parents (it was normal to have a pair of binoculars in the glove compartment) - it was probably inevitable that I’d inherit a fondness for our feathered friends.

Hummingbirds, in particular, have always felt like bearers of joy to me. No matter how many times I see them flitting from flower to flower outside my window, I get the same burst of happiness and wonder. Even if you’re not a bird person like me, I bet you still feel that tiny sense of delight when a hummingbird passes you by. 

For a business that’s all about creating moments of joy, what could be a more fitting mascot than the hummingbird?

About the Hummingbird

HEADER photography credits:

A Few of my Favorite Things

  • Bookstores 
  • Boxed mac & cheese (don’t judge)