We also know that’s not always the case. There can be a LOT of stress, time, and decision-making that comes with planning or hosting a special gathering. There’s selecting the perfect location, choosing the right menu, running all the errands, managing set-up, making sure guests are taken care of…etc. etc. 

If *any* of that sounds like something you just don’t have the time for, or makes you want to tear your hair out...we’re here to help. We can take any, or all, of these party planning pieces off your plate. Our services range from virtual consulting to help you dream-up your event to comprehensive onsite support that takes everything off your plate. The best part - it’s all completely tailored to you and your vision! 

Whether you’re planning an elevated dinner party, an intimate birthday celebration with friends, or an unforgettable date night - we want to give you the most memorable experience. And through it all, we’ll prioritize thoughtful choices and sustainable practices to create a more environmentally-conscious gathering.


We believe that hosting memorable gatherings and bringing loved ones together should be a joyful, achievable, and more environmentally-conscious experience for all.

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We're here to empower even the most reluctant, harried, and planning-adverse hosts and make it as easy as possible to experience all the joys of celebrating with loved ones!


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We'll use a 30-minute virtual session to conceptualize your event. Whether you have 100 ideas for your gathering or none at all - together we’ll come up with some next steps that have you feeling excited and motivated. 

For hosts who are ready to take steps toward making their party a reality, we'll get the ball rolling with our virtual party planning services. We have a few options based on how much, or little, work you want to do! We can...


Ready to make your party a reality? We've got options for any host!

Create a custom party blueprint for you

You’ll receive a personal action plan to follow that can include menus, vendor recommendations, shopping lists, decor instructions, and an itinerary to keep you on track and make your gathering as organized and stress-free as possible. (This is our most budget-friendly option, starting at $150.)

Be your virtual planning assistant

If you want to do as little prep work, you can pass off any of the planning tasks to me. I can help you put together orders for groceries and supplies, secure vendors, book a venue, arrange rentals, and more.

(Virtual planning typically ranges from $250-$600)

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For hosts in Western Washington, our onsite concierge services are designed to give you the EASIEST and most hands-off hosting experience you could dream of. The service is completely customizable - but to give you a few ideas for how we can make you the host with the most, we can...

Deliver the party to your door

Whether you’re hosting a gathering at home, at an Airbnb, or a special venue - I can do the shopping to pick up whatever groceries and supplies are needed for your gathering, and then deliver them directly to you.

Take care of the party prep for you

What if you could just show up to your gathering and find everything ready to go? You can! I'll help with light food pre, plating, setting the table, arranging decor, etc. before guests arrive. By the time they get there, you’ll feel excited and confident (instead of stressed and frazzled.)

THE PERSONAL Party Concierge 

Be your behind-the-scenes host 

Now, imagine if you could be a guest at your own party. I love that for you! I’ll stay onsite to make sure you and your guests are taken care of throughout your gathering. You can sit back, relax, and actually enjoy the festivities!

Not sure which is the right fit? Don't worry - we've worked with all types of hosts and will figure out the best option for you during our free planning power session!


(The party concierge pricing is based on event location and complexity, these services are best for gatherings under 40 guests.)

Or, for a more comprehensive experience, consider...

Let's get the party started!

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