If you’re here, you and your partner probably decided to ditch the "big," traditional wedding and plan something that is more aligned with your values. Something that allows you to be creative, break free from traditions, or just focus on what’s most important to you.  

Big weddings aren’t for everyone.

Cue the elopement!

Gone are the days when an elopement was just a secretive way for couples to run off and get married, now it’s an intentional, intimate celebration of marriage that more and more couples are choosing. It can be just the two of you in the mountains, or a small gathering of loved ones on the beach. The world is your oyster!

*But* (of course there’s a “but,”) no matter what beautiful shape your elopement is taking, there are inevitably going to be logistics, details, and decisions to consider. It’s almost like you’re planning a wedding. Unfortunately, a lot of the wedding planning resources out there aren’t that helpful for planning an elopement!

That’s why I’ve created three elopement planning services tailored to the unique challenges that eloping couples face.

Let me help with the logistics so you can focus on what your elopement is truly about - celebrating your love story your way! 

01. The Elopement Adventure


See What's Included

You’ll get peace of mind from working with a planner with local knowledge. I can help you find the best local vendors, navigate different locations around the state, and even take care of some of your pre-elopement errands.

A local expert


Even with an intimate elopement, there’s lots of logistics to consider! Whether it’s putting together a detailed itinerary for the day or a rental order for ceremony chairs (or both!), I’ll make sure we’ve got the details, big and small, taken care of.

You’ll get support and guidance throughout the entire process with check-in calls, email, and text communication. You’ll never feel like you’re going at this alone!

A dedicated partner in planninG


The Elopement Adventure would be a great fit for you if you need…

For the couple who wants to be free to create and enjoy an unforgettable elopement without being weighed down by all the logistics throughout the planning process and on the big day.

Maybe you’re traveling from out of town and need a local planning partner, or maybe you’re hosting a group of loved ones and realized there’s a lot of moving parts to deal with. Maybe you’re just super busy humans who want a beautiful elopement but need an extra pair of hands to bring your vision together.

With the Elopement Adventure, you’ll get both the behind-the-scenes and onsite support you need to craft a relaxed and meaningful Pacific Northwest elopement.


I’ll be there to coordinate the ceremony, set-up a special celebration meal, and generally make sure things are running smoothly throughout the day. I love being there to support you and your guests so you can spend the day being present and taking in every moment together (not dealing with little tasks all day).

A day-of elopement coordinator and cat herder


Your own logistics aficionado


An average investment ranges between $1,800 and $2,100

Up to 5 planning check-in calls plus email and text messaging support. There will be different questions and ideas and concerns that come up throughout the process and I want to make sure there’s always space to address them

A curated list of recommendations for vendors and local providers based on your unique needs and vision

Guidance on location options, while making sure you’ve got the proper permits you need

Access to your own online planning portal where you’ll find additional tools and resources

Development of a complete day-of itinerary (in collaboration with your elopement photographer) to ensure you’re getting the most out of your elopement day

Coordination with your elopement vendors in the lead-up to the big day - you’ll have better things to do than get stuck in your inbox!

Help putting together a rental order for any items you’ll need to rent - whether it’s ceremony chairs, table settings, or more unique pieces

Assistance with picking-up and bringing items needed for the elopement to minimize the number of errands for you or your loved ones. I can help pick-up rental items, flowers, desserts, etc.

Taking care of the set-up for your ceremony and celebration meal (and ensuring things are properly cleaned up afterwards)

On-site support throughout the entire elopement day to make sure you and your guests are taken care of


Ready to start planning?

02. The Elopement Celebration

You’ll get personalized recommendations for local vendors that would be a good fit for your vision, saving you hours of time doing research and sending inquiries.

A local planning resource.


Even for a small celebration meal, there’s probably going to be a number of items that need to get picked up. Whether it’s rented chairs and table settings, a cake, or a charcuterie board, I can help with the pre-elopement errands.

An extra pair of hands to help with errands.


I’ll come to you to take care of all your set-up needs, whether it’s a seated dinner for 10 or a sweetheart picnic on the beach. *Someone* has to do it, and it shouldn’t be you or your guests.

A coordinator to manage set-up (and clean-up) of a celebration meal.


The Elopement Celebration would be a great fit for you if you need…

For the couple who’s got a good handle on their elopement planning but needs help with an intimate meal or picnic on the elopement day.

You’ve probably been working with an elopement photographer on a timeline for the day and have most of the big details taken care of, but you don’t have someone to help with the logistics of a celebration meal. After all, do you really want to be lugging chairs around in your wedding attire or trusting your family to manage all the table settings?

With the Elopement Celebration, I’ll provide the onsite help you need so you and your loved ones can sit-back and enjoy a special meal together - the perfect end (or beginning!) to an elopement day.



See What's Included

The average investment ranges between $1,000 and $1,350

Personalized recommendations for vendors and local suppliers that might needed for your celebration meal - this could include rental companies, floral designers, caterers and restaurants, bakers, etc.

Two planning calls plus regular email support to make sure everything is on track and your questions are answered


Communicating with the vendor team and making sure they’ve got all the necessary details. I’ll be the main point of contact so you can focus on other things!

Assistance with picking up items such as rented tableware, flowers, dessert, etc. and bringing them to the event.

Arriving 2 hours before your celebration meal to get everything set-up for you

Making sure everything from the meal is properly cleaned-up and taking back any rental items that need to be returned

You’ll also get access to the Hummingbird Event Co. rental items to use at your celebration

Let's plan a day you'll never forget.

- Fabiola T.

As our elopement planner, she took on the tasks of alleviating stress and last minute details and my husband and I were able to enjoy our special day. You won't regret hiring her!”

“The responsiveness and attention to detail Hannah has is incredible and it pays off on your big day. 

Inde Photography

02. The Elopement Consultant

For couples who feel lost and unsure of where to get started, we'll begin with a 90-minute strategy session to dive into the biggest questions you have and where you're feeling stuck. Then, you'll receive a short action plan with guidance on next steps you can take to start bringing your vision to life.

There’s plenty of reasons a traditional planning package doesn’t feel right for you. The Virtual Concierge Service is designed for couples who don’t want to commit to a bigger package, but still need some help. 


You can pawn off the specific parts of elopement planning that you don’t have time for, you feel overwhelmed by, or you just don’t want to do. You’ll get help with only what you need and nothing more.


The Elopement Consultant would be a great fit for you if you need…

For the couple who’s realized there are a few gaps in their elopement planning that need to be filled (preferably by someone else!)

If you don’t need help on the elopement day itself, but would benefit from an extra pair of (virtual) hands to get started or to take some of planning tasks off your plate, we can help with our virtual consulting services.



An alternative to traditional planning services.

A package built just for you.


How it Works


We can stop there, OR based on what we identified in the strategy session, I’ll put together an hourly virtual assistance package specific to the tasks and projects that will be the most helpful to you.

We‘ll start with a 90-minute strategy session to dive into the biggest questions you have and where you’re feeling stuck, then identify some immediate next steps.

When you book your Strategy Session for $250, $125 will apply to any hourly package.


Or...are you ready to make your elopement the most unforgettable week of your life?

I believe that all the joy and excitement of your wedding experience should extend beyond just the wedding day. Our Concierge Services are designed to extend your wedding festivities and make them even *more* stress-free, memorable, and exciting. 

The service is completely tailored to you - here are just a few examples of how we can elevate (and simplify) your elopement experience:

Pre-stocking your accommodations with curated snacks and beverages for you (or your guests) to enjoy throughout your stay, saving you the time and hassle of making trips to the grocery store. (And, as much as possible, we aim to bring you locally-made goods to enhance your PNW experience.)

Booking onsite services to facilitate rest and relaxation before or after the wedding, such as couple’s massages, group yoga classes, or a mobile sauna. 

Planning local activities like whale watching, guided hikes, or bike rentals for you and your guests to more fully experience all the beauty the Pacific Northwest has to offer. 

Creating custom travel guides to offer guests with information on travel, local activities, restaurants, and a background of the area to make sure your loved ones can make the most of their trip and spare you from having to play travel agent. (You can also save yourself some time and add this to your wedding website!)

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Upgrade Your Elopement with our Concierge Service

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Harmony Molina 


She was organized, friendly, detail oriented, and she provided top notch planning that made our special day come together flawlessly. I cannot recommend her services enough!"

"We are so happy we found Hannah for our wedding last summer.

Sabrina Kaye